Bandshell2 2015Why I love Argentine Tango

This dance is designed to put men and women in a highly respectful yet playful relationship to one another. When we learn this dance, we enter a culture which honors individual expression as well as our sometimes faltering steps up the learning curve! Whether we interpret the music fast, slow, serious or silly, we are always striving to be conscious of our partner’s needs and desires. On the receiving side, it is unconditional adoration to exquisite music. While hugging. In suits, black fishnets and high heels. How cool is that?

Seriously, my symptoms of Argentine Tango addiction began in 2005, and include a certificate from the Seminario Intensivo de Oscar y Georgina Mandagaran in Buenos Aires, 3 months intensive tango training and dancing in Los Angeles in 2008, private and group lessons from Alicia Pons, Robert Hauk, Susana Miller, Eva and Patricio, Mariam Larici, Tete, Facundo Posadas, Christy Cotes, Elba & Nito, Alex Krebs, Jennifer Olsen, Carlos & Mayte, Mateo & Patricia, Natalia Hills, Aurora & Luciano, Rebecca Shulman, Brigitte Winkler, and others.

I attend several major tango festivals each year, which draw 300-600 dancers to their grand tango milongas. The longer I dance and refine my teaching, the more insights I gain into both the interpersonal and movement dynamics of tango. It is an absolute given that this dance is transformative in many wonderful ways!

I am very excited about the surge of interest in Encuentro weekends, (see Siempre Milonguero website) for those exploring the traditional milonguero experience. Please contact me if you would like to find out more about these blissful opportunities.

My classes emphasize good technique to allow for comfortable dancing with no pushing or pulling, as well as the importance of social etiquette at the milongas (using cabeceo, clean line of dance), and respect for yourself, your partner, and other dancers in the room.

In addition to weekly classes, practice nights, and monthly TangoLife Milonga, I organize tango field trips to regional events throughout the Northwest, and am saving air miles for another trip to Buenos Aires to dance my feet off. And drink a little Malbec.

Argentine Tango is the only dance I teach, in its 3 principal forms: tango, vals and milonga. Our group ranges from college students to empty nesters to dignified super seniors. My teaching focus is on traditional SOCIAL Argentine tango, which is much less dangerous (and less strenuous) than show tango!! And much more enjoyable for us mere mortals. Rebecca’s TangoLife is my independent business, and though I am insured, I take no responsibility if you become hooked on tango… Come join us!

My dance history

Ballet—I worried I could not tie my shoes at 4 yrs old, which built empathy for all newcomers to the dance world.

Jazz—Yea, baby, this is fun stuff: kicks, turns, cartwheels, the art of placing bodies in shapes that represent the music.

Modern dance—further freedom to dance the musical story. Have you danced like an elephant? Ostrich? Sadness? Ecstasy?

Rock and Roll—“She was a black magic woman…”

Belly Dance/Hula—Need I say more? Fabulous exercise, full-body expression.

Ballroom—Can you do it with a partner?? At 45 I discovered boys who would engage in dance.

Argentine Tango—All of the above. Fear, fun, freedom, expression, engagement, magic, ecstasy. Since 2005, from Bellingham to Buenos Aires, LA to Vancouver, BC. Plus that time in Orlando…