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TangoLife Updates 011320
Hello TangoLovers, What a great turn out at the Wednesday lesson + practica last week! Was it the New Year resolutions? Was it the Pizza?…Read more

TangoLife Holiday Practica Party!
Dear TangoLovers, It's time for Bellingham's annual Holiday Practica Party! Wednesday December 12 we will still have class at 6:30-7:30, but from 7:30-10 pm (a little…Read more

TangoLife Updates + Halloween Practica
Dear TangoLovers, Below are a few important updates for your tango social calendar: TangoLife Halloween Costume Party at the Practica! Oct 31. It’s time for…Read more

TangoLife New Classes + WEDNESDAY Practica
Dear TangoLovers! NEW BEGINNININGS: This amazing warm summer is barreling along toward September, which for many, is a time to consider what their Fall/Winter activities…Read more

Maxi and Paloma: 2 classes at Bell Tower January 23!
Bell Tower "Super Practica" January 23! Two one-hour classes by Maxi and Paloma from Chile! Bellingham continues to rock the tango in the Pacific Northwwest! …Read more

TangoLife Classes May 16+
Get set for TangoLife Milonga's 8th year, and the 12th year of TangoLife classes!! Sergio Sottile and Damaris Aveiro dancing in Mendoza, Argentina Dear TangoLovers,…Read more

TangoLife Classes and Practica, April 4 +
Dear TangoLovers, I'm so glad to hear of all the tango dancing and learning this weekend in Bellingham! Too bad I was fighting a cold…Read more

TangoLife Classes + Practica 040417 +
Dear TangoLovers, What a great way to begin the month of April!  Last night we enjoyed the company of 90 of our favorite dancers at…Read more

TangoLife Classes, Practica 3/27 +
Dear TangoLovers, How wonderful it is to see our tango community growing bolder, spreading it's wings, and investing energy into further development of our tango…Read more

TangoLife Classes 03/14/17
DEAR TANGO LOVERS, Many people ask me if there is really a difference in dancing to a tango, vals or milonga song. My most true…Read more

TangoLife Classes + Practica Feb 7+
Dear TangoLovers, True Fact #1 News of the day: Tonight's Lesson + Practica at Bell Tower is CANCELLED due to snow! Please stay warm and…Read more

TangoLife Classes Jan 24 +
Dear TangoLovers, As many of you know, I am heading to Colorado to ski for 10 days (well, doubtful I will ski EVERY DAY!).  You…Read more

TangoLife Classes + Practica January 2017
Dear TangoLovers, Here we go, full steam ahead into the new year! Many of our community have been traveling to Seattle and Vancouver to explore…Read more

TangoLife End of 2016 classes, non-events, and happy new year!
Dear TangoLovers, It was a fitting final Practica of the year on Tuesday, as we all came VERY close together to dance at my home…Read more

TangoLife Classes + Practica December 6+
Dear Tango Lovers, My heart runneth over with joy at the stellar attendance and boisterous atmosphere you all brought to TangoLife Milonga last Sunday!  We had…Read more

TangoLife Classes + Practica DECEMBER
Dear Tango Lovers, Here we are on the brink of December, and as I look back on this year, I am thrilled at the growth…Read more

TangoLife Classes November, 2016 2016-11-06 Shared with Dropbox Dear TangoLovers, Another TangoLife Milonga has come and gone, and I was so thrilled to see a floor…Read more

TangoLife Classes, Oct 24+
(Apparently someone in this video had lost their strong connection... Check my Facebook page to see the real thing.) Dear TangoLovers, This past weekend I attended another…Read more

TangoLife Classes October 10+
Dear TangoLovers, As several of you discovered this past weekend, the Vancouver tango community did a fine job launching their new, hopefully annual, La Garufa Tango…Read more

TangoLife Classes October 4+
Dear TangoLovers, The enclosed picture says it all:  Lots of dancers, lots of warm embraces, lots of happy memories in the making. TangoLife Silent Movie Night…Read more

TangoLife Classes 9/20 +
Dear TangoLovers, What a joy it is when I see you out dancing, celebrating successes, becoming engaged in the larger tango community, and looking hungrily…Read more

TangoLife Classes 9/14+
Dear TangoLovers, Quickie tango notes: 1. A couple folks are indeed establishing tango goals for the balance of the year, as I mentioned last week.  Do…Read more

TangoLife Classes September 2016
Dear TangoLovers, Another TangoLife Milonga has come and gone, and like the departing summer season, I for one will carry great memories of some of…Read more

TangoLife Classes, end of August!
Dear TangoLovers, Our Tuesday BellTower Practica continues to be well attended (27 last night), with lots of fine tuning, trial, error, success, and most especially FUN…Read more

TangoLife Classes 8/24 +
 Dear TangoLovers, I admit, I am late with this post to all of you due to watching tango videos.  Not just any videos, but those…Read more

TangoLife Classes August 16+
Dear TangoLovers, I would like to personally thank SUMMER for hanging in here a little longer in the PNW!  Between our tango adventures, it sure…Read more

TangoLife Classes Aug 9+
Dear Tropical TangoLovers, You guys are all awesome!  What a terrific Luau Milonga Party we had at TangoLife last night.  And I do mean WE, because so many…Read more

TangoLife Classes +Practica, August, 2016
Dear TangoLovers, Since this is the week prior to TangoLife Milonga, we will cover some "milonga success" topics in each class, including cabeceo, line of…Read more

TangoLife Classes + Practica, 7/19+
Dear TangoLovers, Eighty!  We had about 80 dancers on the stage at the Fairhaven Village Green last Friday for the free tango lesson.  Twenty of those…Read more

TangoLife Classes July, 2016
Dear TangoLovers, Isn't it thrilling that our Bellingham tango community has grown enough that in ONE weekend, there are enough of us to inhabit several…Read more

TangoLife Classes & Practica, July 2016
Dear TangoLovers, Another weekend full of rich tango friendships, striving together to create and share our dance of meaningful connection.  And sometimes that means being open…Read more

TangoLife Classes June 28 + Dear TangoLovers, The three top news items this week are: 1.) Our Bell Tower Practica had 30 dancers in attendance last Tuesday. (Yahoo! There are many pictures posted…Read more

TangoLife Classes, with CHANGES June 21+
Dear TangoLovers, Help, I am stuck on the computer nearly all day, and only watched two tango videos so far!  In the interest of brevity,…Read more

TangoLife Classes, June 14+
Dear TangoLovers, I think we would all agree that our whole culture could use a time out in a happy place right about now. To…Read more

TangoLife Classes June 7+ Amedeo Pacelli - Javier Rodriguez y Moira Castellano... | Facebook Javier Rodriguez y Moira Castellano presso Apulia Tango Festival Bari - video 3…Read more

TangoLife Classes May 31-June
Pt Townsend Encuentro, May 2016.  Excellent Line of Dance!! Dear TangoLovers, Although I was sorry to miss David B's Ultimo Baile Milonga this past weekend,…Read more

TangoLife Classes & Practica May 24+
Dear TangoLovers, One of the many things I love about tango is the wonderful poise which develops in our bodies over time.  That sense of…Read more

Milonga Abrazos, Seattle. Photo: Vincent Lam
TangoLife Classes + Practica, May 17+
Milonga Abrazos, Seattle.  Photo: Vincent Lam Dear TangoLovers, We were all so thrilled at the turn out for the new BellTower Practica last Tuesday you'd…Read more

TangoLife Classes, UPDATE, May, 2016 Dear TangoLovers, My heart is still warm from the 6-year anniversary of TangoLife Milonga last Sunday. What a turn-out! What friendly energy! What lovely…Read more

TangoLife Classes April 20-30
Dear TangoLovers, If you want to get inside the thrill of fireworks and the joy of music, watch this video, and then come dance with…Read more

TangoLife Milonga celebrates SIX YEARS!
 Rebecca’s TangoLife Milonga SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY! SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016 Bellingham, WA Milonga 6:30 – 10:30 pm. Entrada $12/ $6 college students DJ STEPHEN BRADY…Read more

TangoLife Classes April 12+
Dear TangoLovers, Here we go again, another week to “Give Good Tango” to our dancing friends and to ourselves as well. A lengthy dialog filled…Read more

TangoLife Classes March 28+
Adam Cornett and Tilly Kimm,  March 25 2016 USA Argentine Tango Salon Champions Photo Credit: Don An "Practice: it works...!"   Dear TangoLovers, With…Read more

TangoLife Classes March 22 +
Dear TangoLovers, It seems our local community enjoyed a whole variety of tango activities this past weekend. Some danced in Seattle Friday and/or Saturday, some…Read more

TangoLife Classes 031516
Dear TangoLovers, Isn't it nice to have a warm, indoor activity to get us through the storms of winter? Thank you to Doug Brown for…Read more

TangoLife Classes, March 1 +
Dear TangoLovers, Ready for another week of tango?  Or shall I say, ready for some creative walking meditation? Check out the article and/or the post…Read more

TangoLife Classes 02/18/16 +
VIDEO: Dear TangoLovers, Yet another Valentango Festival has come and gone in Portland last weekend. I think it was the 8th one I…Read more

TangoLife Classes Feb 9 +
Dear TangoLovers, What an energetic turn out at TangoLife Milonga Sunday night!  Thanks to all 85 of you and our larger tango community for spending…Read more

TangoLife Classes Feb 2+
Dear TangoLovers, Just the facts here, as the faster I've been running the behinder I have gotten.  We just finished a great Tuesday night class,…Read more

TangoLife Classes Jan 26+
Dear TangoLovers, Hope you got some spicy tango time in this past weekend. None of that “all work and no play” for us! I know…Read more

TangoLife Classes, Jan 19 +
Dear TangoLovers, It's a wonderful life when you have friends to visit and dine and dance with in every town for miles around! Three of…Read more

TangoLife Classes Jan 12 +
Dear TangoLovers, Have you ever counted your total number of tandas in a whole weekend?  And compared them to the number of your high quality…Read more

TangoLife Classes, Jan 1 +
Dear TangoLovers, Let the 2016 games begin, already! I am plenty ready to get back in my studio dancing with all of you. Here's hoping…Read more

TangoLife classes 12/15/15 +
Dear TangoLovers, I hope you have not been blown or washed away in this VERY blustery weather. My drive home from some exquisite dancing at…Read more

TangoLife Classes, Dec 8+
Dear TangoLovers, We are full steam ahead into December with tango activities on the horizon. But first, a huge thank you to all who attended…Read more

TangoLife Classes, December 1+
Dear TangoLovers, A big thanks to those at the Practica Sunday night, who took to heart my call to action about connecting with each other…Read more

TangoLife Classes Holiday cancellation reminder
Dear TangoLovers, Hopefully my current students are remembering this note below* from a previous email, but if you are like me, a reminder is always…Read more

TangoLife Classes Nov 16+
Dear TangoLovers, Wow, another nice turnout at the practica tonight, with lots of good mingling, helping each other out, and a couple of fun, accidental…Read more

TangoLife Classes Nov 10+
Dear TangoLovers, Such a nice turn out of dancers at last Sunday's Practica!  Thanks to all who attended the lesson, those who practiced their tango,…Read more

TangoLife Classes, Updated Nov. Schedule
Dear TangoLovers, And on the 8th day, I rested much of Monday, napping and musing about the adventure-filled weekend with Robert Hauk's workshops, our double-header…Read more

TangoLife Classes Oct 26 +
Robert and Alicia, Corozon de Oro Vals And in Seattle, 2008   La Garua Milonga, Seattle: (Many of Robert and Alicia's students here) Milonguero…Read more

TangoLife Classes Oct 13+
Dear TangoLovers, It would be a daunting task to add up all the tango festivals I have attended over the past 10 years (October is…Read more

TangoLife Classes, Oct 5+
Dear TangoLovers, The milonga dishes are not quite done, nor the tablecloths, nor the bins stacked back into the garage.  But hundreds of hugs and…Read more

TangoLife Classes, Sept 29+
Dear TangoLovers, You'd be amazed how long it takes me to update class descriptions, times, and student lists!  Please read below carefully, noting new time…Read more

TangoLife Classes Sept 22+
Dear TangoLovers, I'm back, I'm unpacked, and I'm ready to rock and roll .... er.... tango with all of you again!  I danced tango in…Read more

TangoLife Classes (+ vacation schedule) Sept 8-22
Dear TangoLovers, I'm still purring from all that animal magnetism everyone brought to TangoLife AnimaLonga on Sunday.  What great party energy was flowing there!  We…Read more

TangoLife Classes Aug. 25+ Dear TangoLovers, A dozen of us put in some great learning time at the Practica on Sunday, and by a near miracle, we were…Read more

TangoLife Classes Aug 17+
Dear TangoLovers, Tic-tic-tic, I feel our summer days are already growing shorter, and an urgency to enjoy the sun and warmth right up to the…Read more

TangoLife Classes Aug 11+
Dear TangoLovers, The enclosed video is from Milonga Cachirulo in Seattle last Friday, which was the appetizer for my 3 nights of tango over the…Read more

TangoLife Classes Aug 4+
Dear TangoLovers, Talk about energy!   TangoLife Milonga was pulsing with great vibes right to the end, with the combined talents of the Ben Thomas…Read more

TangoLife Classes July 14+
Dear TangoLovers,  This past weekend marked the 10th year in a row that I have attended the Seattle Tango Magic Festival!  Wow, that's a lotta…Read more

TangoLife Classes July7+
Dear TangoLovers,  Something was FISHY about TangoLife Mer-longa last night! Thanks to all the Mermaidens and Pirates for your ZEST for life! A great turn-out…Read more

TangoLife Classes June 30+
TangoLovers, Another weekend, another tango journey for me, this time to Vancouver Island for an outdoor milonga, two BBQ potlucks, sleeping under the stars, and…Read more

TangoLife Classes June 23+
TangoLovers, This past weekend included 3 workshops (5 hours) in Vancouver for myself and 3 of our tango compadres.  Susana Miller did not disappoint, if…Read more