May 5: TangoLife #100–Last, Last Tanda!

May 5: TangoLife Milonga de 100!
Last, Last Tanda!

On May 5 Rebecca’s TangoLife celebrates 9 years of hosting one of the finest and friendliest milongas in the Northwest. This will also be the 100th TangoLife Milonga!

And for better or worse, it will also be a celebration of the FINAL TangoLife Milonga. Yes, dears, after months of deep consideration, I have new clarity on how to best spend my time and energies, both for myself personally, and within the tango community.

I plan to convert the time I’ve devoted to organizing each TangoLife Milonga into smaller, local tango outreach events which used to thrill our Bellingham dancers, and caused many curious newbies to give tango a try. I’m excited to to begin creating some pop-up tango opportunities again, and revamping my portable dance floor.  Stay tuned for these events.

Aaaaaand, this will give me more time to return to my roots as a tango vagabond!

I will continue to host our weekly Wednesday Practica and Lesson at the Majestic, with a bit of added zeal… and cookies… and maybe beverages… along with David Beaumier, Eric Cole, and a host of other tango addicts. Group and private lessons will still take place at my home studio.

This NINE YEAR run of TangoLife has been an extraordinary experience. Such a deep sharing of lives and loves and longings is very significant. We have all contributed to a living, breathing, healing (and dancing!) organism that truly took on a life of its own. A TangoLife, I suppose. The mutual efforts and gratitude we have all shared with each other is the fabric of a healthy society, and warms my heart. My list of significant “tango partners in crime” is long, and worthy of its own post, as TangoLife clearly required, and created, a village.

But we are NOT QUITE DONE YET! There are THREE MORE “first Sunday” TangoLife Milongas, to enjoy, to celebrate, and to commemorate:
March 3, DJ Andrew Brown, Seattle
April 7, Live Music by Mermelada from Seattle
May 5, DJ Marina Richter, Vancouver

I hope you will join us at one, or all of these, as the countdown to the “Last, Last Tanda” begins.

In Love, as in Tango,

Rebecca TangoLife Niemier