TangoLife Classes 03/14/17


Many people ask me if there is really a difference in dancing to a tango, vals or milonga song. My most true answer is “YES, absolutely!” Different types of music resonate through our bodies and connect with our soul/spirit/personality in various ways. Dancing is the outward sign of that connection to the music. As El Flaco Dany said, “The music comes in through my ears and out through my heart.” If I am dancing to reggae, heavy metal, opera, tango or milonga, my personification of the music will definitely look and feel different. Usually everyone in the whole ROOM will be captured by the sentiment within the music.* However, I will most likely CHOOSE steps and an embrace that pair nicely with the tune.

For all these reasons, I am thrilled at how the community is diligently exploring our unit on Milonga. Thank you for the great turn out at the workshops with El Flaco Dany. Tonight’s 6 pm lesson before the practica will continue our review of his material, and then some! Full speed ahead!

*(A skilled DJ understands this, and selects music that fits the skills and the desires of the dancers, watching carefully to keep the mood flowing until last tanda.)



Big Class before the Bell Tower Practica”
Come one and all to our new BIGGER CLASS, with more students, more technique drills, and a full uninterrupted hour to develop step sequences and grow your tango from the ground up. Get your shoes on by 6 pm, and let’s get this tango moving! No experience needed, but all levels will be challenged to reach their best abilities.
Class: 6-7 pm, beginner/early intermediate levels. $10.

Optional Practica from 7-9 pm: $5.

Instructors: Rebecca Niemier, David Beaumier

Bell Tower Studio, 1430 N Garden St, Bellingham


EVERY TUESDAY, Come practice your tango with everyone, or just your favorite partner. Work out those moves and technique you learned in class in our relaxed setting! Exquisite tango music will be pouring up through the Bell Tower, at the purple building where N Garden and Ellis streets intersect. The 1100 SQ FT sprung bamboo floor is wonderful, there’s a great sound system, mirrors that will not lie, and even a ballet bar. Average number of dancers is holding steady at 22-30. Save a landfill and bring a water bottle. Street parking is free.

Practica: 7-9 pm. All levels are welcome. $5 each.

Bell Tower Studio, 1430 N Garden St, Bellingham

Hosted by Rebecca and the B’ham tango community


Going for it: Working into sustained close embrace, as comfort and ability allow, we polish fundamental patterns everyone should know, with variations and smooth transitions. Intermediate concepts, including the purpose behind sacadas, molinetes, back crosses, embellishments. Emphasis on proficiency and musicality. Getting comfortable with vals and milonga songs. Understanding differences between various tango styles. Digging into the wisdom and surprising dynamics of the milonguero style. Please RSVP for space availability.

Thursdays, Intermediate level, 7-8:30 pm. $10.

TangoLife Studio, 2610 Likely Ct.

Assistant teacher: Eric Cole.


Still just $40/hour or $50/1.5 hour, for one or two people. (This is part of my investment in growing the community. Most teachers charge $70-100.) Typically we really do accomplish a month of progress in one session, for men or women. Taking one private every 4-6 weeks will keep bad habits in check and progress going forward. I’m available afternoons, some evenings and weekends by appointment.