TangoLife Classes Aug. 25+


Dear TangoLovers,
A dozen of us put in some great learning time at the Practica on Sunday, and by a near miracle, we were equally matched with leads and follows, at least by the time I rolled in. As our joyous summer weather eventually fizzles, do consider becoming a regular on Sundays at 6:30-9 pm (address below).  Get those steps and techniques smooth before you unleash them at a milonga!  If you want your community to develop, come help each other grow.
The enclosed lively video features Alicia Pons and Daniel Arias (not her usual partner, but a fellow milonguero).  Daniel will be teaching milonguero style in LA soon, where there is renewed interest in getting back to the historical roots of tango, including dance style and etiquette, and even traditional separated seating to encourage cabeceo at a new milonga at the Argentine Association.  It’s very encouraging to see this movement spreading as folks discover the grace and energy possible within this form of tango.  
This coming Saturday 8/29 is David Beaumier’s Ultimo Baile Milonga at 1417 Cornwall. Lesson at 8 pm.  Milonga at 9 pm.  DJ Ashley Libey (Yay!).  We wait all month for this, so be there!  
Hugs to all….Rebecca
ALL MID-WEEK CLASSES AT REBECCA’S HOME STUDIO, 2610 LIKELY CT. Park on the street, then walk down outdoor stairs on right side of house to lower entrance. Please email or call to register for classes prior to your first time:
New session:  TUESDAYS, 7:30-9 pm. $10. TangoOne: Beginning Your Tango Journey. Welcome to our new students here!  Still room for one more man.
For brand new students and those returning from a break. This is my class which has put many tango dancers on the floors of fine milongas throughout the Northwest. If you’d like to start your journey, or come a couple times to check it out, please RSVP by email to register and for more info.
WEDNESDAYS 5-6:30 $10. Early Intermediates.  
Early Intermediate class, with good reinforcement of basics, technique, posture, and creative options to discover “what can we do from here?” Bring me your dilemmas, your balance issues, your struggling molinetes yearning to breathe free….
THURSDAYS, 7:30-9 pm. $10. Intermediate +. 
*Includes posture, technique and balance drills, open and close embrace issues. Your increasing success with these techniques will determine what level dancer you become through personal practice.
*Fundamental patterns everyone should know, and/or review.
*Bridging into close embrace: Tailoring a comfortable fit!
*Understanding milonguero vs salon style
SUNDAYS, 6:30-9 pm: ALL COMMUNITY PRACTICA  Drop-in. Bellingham Dance Co, 1705 N State St, B’ham. Plenty music, plenty space, plenty tango friends just working out the details. Practice is imperative for improvement! All for $5! (PRACTICA DOES NOT MEET ON FIRST SUNDAY DUE TO TANGOLIFE MILONGA.)
Private lessons are still a steal at $40/hr or $50 for 1.5 hour for one or two people (lead or follow). Typically we accomplish a month of development in one session focused entirely on your personal needs. Highly recommended if you have skipped a class or two. Call to schedule.

Rebecca Niemier