TangoLife Classes + Practica January 2017

Dear TangoLovers,

Here we go, full steam ahead into the new year! Many of our community have been traveling to Seattle and Vancouver to explore tango “out of town” in recent weeks. From my experience, this is a necessary stage of development to fine tune your dancing. And I’m thrilled to hear that our traveling locals are greeted warmly by several of the tango friends they have made while dancing at TangoLife Milonga. The “melting pot” that we have created in Bellingham has truly linked the tango communities in the PNW from Vancouver to Portland. Keep up the great momentum!

To help in this endeavor, there is a change in my teaching schedule: The Wednesday evening group class is canceled, and those students are transferring to the “new and improved” class prior to the Tuesday night Practica, which now runs from 6 – 7 pm (instead of 6:30 pm) beginning January 10. This will give us a full, uninterrupted hour for beginners and early intermediates, time for technique drills, and a broader range of students. The class fee will increase to be in line with other one-hour classes. The Practica-only fee will remain the same.

David Beaumier will still be co-teaching with me, and Victor Flores will join us at times as well. (In fact, Victor will be teaching with me at our kick-off on Jan 10, as David is a guest teacher at the WWU class that night.) On nights where all three of us are present, students benefit from a combined 27 years of tango experience! In addition, Uriah has offered to give a 2 minute briefing on one orchestra and/or composer each week to help us become more familiar with the music. We will follow up by playing a one-tanda sample after announcements. Beware! There may be a pop quiz afterward!

NEXT FOLLOWS TECHNIQUE WORKSHOP: January 18, 6:30-8:30 pm. We had so much fun learning, let’s do it again! See below for details.

LEADERS TECHNIQUE WORKSHOP: This is in the works, so stay tuned for a date and time, leads!


Just the facts calendar items, January 2017:


“Big Class before the BellTower Practica”
Come one and all to our new BIGGER CLASS, with more students, more technique drills, and a full uninterrupted hour to develop step sequences and grow your tango from the ground up. Get your shoes on by 6 pm, and let’s get this tango moving! No experience needed, but all levels will be challenged to reach their best abilities. Drop in.
Class: 6-7 pm, beginner/early intermediate levels. $10.

Instructors: Rebecca Niemier, David Beaumier, Victor Flores.

BellTower Studio, 1430 N Garden St, Bellingham


EVERY TUESDAY, Come practice your tango with everyone, or just your favorite partner. Work out those moves and technique you learned in class in our relaxed setting! Exquisite tango music will be pouring up through the Bell Tower, at the purple building where N Garden and Ellis streets intersect. The 1100 SQ FT sprung bamboo floor is wonderful, there’s a great sound system, mirrors that will not lie, and even a ballet bar. Average number of dancers is holding steady at 26-30. Save a landfill and bring a water bottle. Street parking is free.

Practica: 7-9 pm. All levels are welcome. $5 each.

BellTower Studio, 1430 N Garden St, Bellingham

Hosted by Rebecca and the B’ham community


All interested follows meet downstairs Jan 18 at my home studio, 2610 Likely Ct. We will continue to work on topics like drawing with the free leg, pivots, well-balanced ochos, rulo loco and other saucy embellishments, rolling through the whole foot, floating the rib cage while the legs are VERY busy, and how to cabeceo like you own the place. At times we will trade lead and follow roles. We will practice enough during class that you have a real head start on developing body memory for these things. Two hour workshop is $15. All levels of experience are welcome and will benefit.

Wednesday, January 18, 6:30-8:30 pm. All levels. $15.

Home studio: 2610 Likely Ct, Bellingham.

Please RSVP to Rebecca.


Going for it: Working into sustained close embrace, as comfort and ability allow, we polish fundamental patterns everyone should know, with variations and smooth transitions. Intermediate concepts, including the purpose behind sacadas, molinetes, back crosses, embellishments. Emphasis on proficiency and musicality. Getting comfortable with vals and milonga songs. Understanding differences between various tango styles. Digging into the wisdom and surprising dynamics of the milonguero style. Please RSVP for space availability.

Thursdays, Intermediate level, 7-8:30 pm. $10.

TangoLife Studio, 2610 Likely Ct.

Assistant teacher: Eric Cole.


Still just $40/hour or $50/1.5 hour, for one or two people. (This is part of my investment in growing the community. Most teachers charge $70-100.) Typically we really do accomplish a month of progress in one session, for men or women. Taking one private every 4-6 weeks will keep bad habits in check and progress going forward. I’m available afternoons, some evenings and weekends by appointment.

More Tango info at www.tangolife.biz

Rebecca Niemier