TangoLife Classes, Sept 29+

Dear TangoLovers,
You’d be amazed how long it takes me to update class descriptions, times, and student lists!  Please read below carefully, noting new time for Thursday class, plus the new TangoTechnique class on Wednesdays.  I have run similar technique classes before (anyone recall TangoFit?) and look forward to the good results in your dancing.
A few folks are changing classes, and others are remaining on nights that work for them. It’s a great chance to meet and dance with new friends.  If you have not been in class lately, send me a note and I’ll help you find the best fit for you.  Fall is always the very best time to jump on board!

TangoLife Classes, Sept 29+

Classes are held at Rebecca’s home studio unless otherwise noted. (2610 Likely Ct. Park on street, walk down outdoor stairs on right side of house to lower entrance.) Below are summaries of what we cover in each class:

Tuesdays, 7:30-9 pm. $10. TangoOne:

For brand new students and those returning from a break. This is my class which has put many tango dancers on the floors of fine milongas throughout the Northwest and beyond. Learn fundamental tango techniques which allow partners to dance as one, without pushing or pulling. By remaining balanced in our own axis, we avoid any heavy feel to our partners, while maintaining a very cozy embrace and much more freedom of movement. We scroll through basic steps: walking, ochos, turns, parallel and cross system, while continually improving balance and presence. New students may begin (almost) anytime with a half hour pre-lesson from 7-7:30 by appointment. Please RSVP prior to first class.

Wednesdays, 5-6:30 pm. $10. Early Intermediate:

Perfect class to reinforce basics, technique, posture and discover “what can we do from here” for both leads and follows. Clear instruction on bridging into close embrace with proper connection allowing free movement and discovering the spiral in the body for balance and connection. Intermediate concepts, including the purpose behind sacadas, molinetes, back crosses, embellishments. Important social dance etiquette, including navigation, cabeceo (inviting/accepting dances), etc, are taught and practiced to ensure success at milongas. Please RSVP for space availability.

NEW CLASS–Wednesdays, 7-8+ pm. $5. TangoTechnique:

Drop in class for ALL LEVELS to improve the quality of your tango movements. Working mostly solo, we’ll scroll through exercises for various pivots, crosses, embellishments (men and women), general aesthetics, smooth walking, body spiral, use of our “hinges,” boleo options, etc. Developing body memory is powerful! Your increasing success with these techniques determines what level dancer you will become. Half hour practice time after 8 pm.

NEW TIME–Thursdays, 7-8:30 pm. $10. Intermediate:

Working into sustained close embrace, as comfort and ability allows, we polish fundamental patterns everyone should know, with variations and smooth transitions. Emphasis on musicality, including favorite steps for vals and milonga songs. Understanding differences between milonguero, salon and nuevo tango. Digging into the wisdom and surprising dynamics of the milonguero style.

Sundays, 6:30-9 pm. $5. ALL COMMUNITY PRACTICA:

Bellingham Dance Co, 1705 N State St, B’ham.

Drop in practice time for ALL LEVELS of tango dancers. Plenty of music, space, mirrors and tango friends working out the details of whatever they recall from class. Great chance to meet the rest of the gang, get feedback, help each other grow and have more than a few laughs. Dance a bit with everyone, or just one partner, whatever you wish. (PRACTICA DOES NOT MEET FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH DUE TO TANGOLIFE MILONGA.)

Private lessons with Rebecca:

Still just $40/hour or $50/1.5 hour, for one or two people. (This is part of my investment in growing the community. Most teachers charge $70-90.) Typically we really do accomplish a month of progress in one session, for men or women. Taking one private every 4-6 weeks will keep bad habits in check and progress going forward. I’m available afternoons, some evenings and weekends by appointment.

Rebecca Niemier