TangoLife End of 2016 classes, non-events, and happy new year!

Dear TangoLovers,

It was a fitting final Practica of the year on Tuesday, as we all came VERY close together to dance at my home studio after realizing that the Bell Tower Studio had changed locks.  (Their apologies were copious, and extend to us all.)  Thanks to everyone for being adaptable, but moreover, thanks for developing your tango dance to such a nice level that we could all dance in a small space so well!

While many folks are about to celebrate a Happy New Year, I am celebrating all of you, for helping to build a GREAT tango community here in Bellingham!  Hooray for 2016!  My ENORMOUS THANKS TO ERIC C, DAVID B, and VICTOR F for stepping up to teach with me weekly, with such enthusiasm and kindness and AWESOME SKILLS!  You are all great role models of compassion, fortitude and grace, and each of you bring your own unique texture to the community.  Hugs and kisses from us all!

Now for calendar updates:  

Bell Tower Practica + Lesson: Will NOT be happening on December 27 nor January 3.  We Resume on Tuesday, January 10.  Please plan to join us for the beginning class and/or Practica!

Wednesday TangoOne Group Class:  Will NOT be meeting December 28 nor January 4.  We will resume on January 11.  This class has room for new dancers, and is a great continuation of the Tuesday beginner class.  Home Studio: 2610 Likely Ct.

Thursday Intermediate+ class:  Will NOT be meeting at 7 pm December 29 nor January 5.  We will resume on January 12 with a new unit I think you will love!

FOLLOWS TECHNIQUE WORKSHOP:  So many have been asking and patiently waiting for this!  

Next week, on Dec 29, from 3:30-5:30, all level follows meet at my home studio, 2610 Likely Ct. We will really work on topics like drawing with the free leg, pivots, rulo loco and other saucy embellishments, rolling through the whole foot, floating the rib cage while the legs are VERY busy, and how to cabeceo like you own the place.  At times we will trade lead and follow roles.  One goal I have is to practice enough during class that you have a real head start on developing body memory for these things.  The two hour workshop is $15. Optional dinner out afterwards somewhere yummy, and any leads may join us then!  RSVP please, for workshop and/or dinner.  (I am happy to schedule a similar evening workshop on a Monday in January.  LMK if interested.)

TANGOLIFE MILONGA:  IS CANCELED FOR JANUARY 1!  It is a NON-EVENT! Please mark your brand new calendars for February 5, 6:30-10:30 pm, when we resume our First Sunday of the Month pattern.  The February theme is “Bollywood”, so have fun with that one!  I may need to buy more eyeliner.

That’s it for now.  Have a great “holiday of your choice”, and get set for a spectacular New Year!
Abrazos, Rebecca


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Rebecca Niemier