TangoLife Events: Tapas, Taps & TANGO: Reunion/Welcome!

Dear TangoLovers,

Happy 2019 to all of you “touched by tango” in one way or another.  Whether you USED to tango, CURRENTLY tango, or HOPE to get into the tango groove, we have events for you this year!   Please, please read, and come to the welcome/reunion!

I submit at the very bottom of this email some great New Year’s Eve photos by Dwayne Rogge, and a video compilation by Chris Hazenburg, to ENLIVEN your desire for those SENSATIONS that tango encompasses, which no other activity or community can quite fulfill.

In tango we feel challenged, rewarded, appreciated, humbled, respected, frustrated, elated, loved. We socialize, we strive, we achieve. Sometimes we fail, but softly, and in a safe place, usually accompanied with laughter! We improve posture, breathing and fitness.  We improve our socializing, we improve our listening, we encourage, we thrill when others improve.  We network. We challenge our memory consistently.

Just by showing up we move the tango community forward.  Perhaps humanity as well. Meanwhile we are bathed in sumptuous tango music, opening up possibilities in our creative realms which only the rhythms of dancing can deliver.  And we are always on the lookout for GREAT PLACES TO TANGO!  For instance:

Tapas, Taps, and Tango
The first NEW SPECIAL EVENT for TangoLife this year is one I sincerely hope you will ALL attend.  It is both a REUNION and a WELCOME to new folks who might need the MAGIC OF TANGO in their lives this year.

In classic Bellingham style, the new Beer Garden at Twin Sisters Brewery is hosting Tapas, Taps, and Tango, beginning Tuesday, January 22, from 4-6+ pm.  The floor is very smooth (shiny!) concrete.  DJ Rod McCrae from Vancouver has been hand selected to start us off with his “nuevo traditional” playlist with a Spanish flair to compliment the Tapas theme and appeal to newer dancers.  Details are in the description below.  Please note that the WELCOME TO TANGO (read Tango Community Outreach!) portion is centered on the lesson at 5-5:30, and our community needs some experienced dancers to schmooze with patrons, and attend the class as ambassadors with new (perhaps bashful) folks.

The REUNION portion of the event will begin whenever YOU arrive and get plastered with hugs from friends old and new.  Open dancing (and catching up!) begins at 4 pm, and although the happy hour pricing finishes up at 6 pm, I truly hope many of our “historical characters” can order early and stay longer to chat, sharing memories of our past tango lives, and future plans, whatever they might be.   If you were part of the crowd back in the days of the Pure Bliss “mini” milongas, then I surely hope to see you on January 22!  If you are part of the current TangoLife Tribe, then be there or be square!

Twin Sisters Facebook event: 
Twin Sisters Brewing Company
500 Carolina Street, Bellingham, Washington 98225

Tuesday is Tapas, Taps, and Tango Happy Hour!
Warm up your winter with specialty Tapas appetizers, our finest brews on tap, and Argentine Tango dancing!
Bellingham’s TangoLife dancing community will join us for a bit of fun and indoor adventure on Tuesday January 22 from 4-6 pm. Check out their moves, then hop in on the FREE Intro to Tango lesson 5-5:30! Try something new…it’s good for what “ales” you!
Tango Instructor Rebecca Niemier has been teaching tango weekly since 2005, and has never met a person who actually has two left feet. If you can walk, you can tango! www.TangoLife.biz

But wait, there’s more!…
A practical approach to PRACTICA!

Whether you are new or rather experienced with tango, we all come to realize that consistent practice is necessary to learn, develop, and improve and get comfortable in our dance. So thank goodness for WEDNESDAY PRACTICAS at the Majestic! Many communities PINE for such a glorious space to come together, refine their moves, make carpool plans, share life adventures, trade shoes, and support the rental fees with their Entrada.  I would like to propose a challenge that “Each one Bring one” new person per month to the beginning lesson/practica, so that we can continue to keep this valuable resource going.  Perhaps you have untapped friends at work, or neighbors who just need a fresh encouragement to come see what tango is like.  Perhaps you might share a TangoLife Facebook post to your wall about the Practica/lesson, or the new Tapas, Taps and Tango event at Twin Sisters Brewery.  Perhaps you take a new dancer under your wing and coach them along.  Indeed, it takes a village to keep our tango community going and GROWING!  Be the U in CommUnity and help spread the word!

TangoLife Milonga
And lastly, (for now at least), the next TangoLife Milonga is Sunday, February 3.  There will be a guest teacher Daniel Lapadula from Buenos Aires offering a class 5:15-6:30 for $15.  He teaches concepts for the social dance floor, and the lesson will most likely be on Milonga.  Michell Badion of Seattle will be partnering with him, so it is sure to be a fun time!   Our DJ is the fabulous ROBERT HAUK of Portland, so hang on to your socks, it’s gonna be a great night!  Now your next question is “what is the theme?”  Well,  I HAVEN’T DECIDED YET!!  I’m sure once I hit “send” on this email, an inspiration will come to me.  So keep an eye out for the next TangoLife Email!

Wishing you all heartfelt, cozy embraces in 2019! ….Rebecca

New Year’s Eve Photos by Dwayne Rogge:

NYE Video compilation by Chris Hazenburg: