TangoLife: HAIR, the Love Rock Milonga, Plus workshops with Julian Ingram Updated!

Rebecca’s TangoLife Milonga
Plus workshops with Julian Ingram
Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday!

Featuring DJ JULIAN INGRAM, with his encore tour of Bellingham and the PNW.

(Pre-Milonga Lesson, plus THREE other workshops, listed below)***

Serendipity, an outrageously full head of hair, and his spectacular singing voice, made for a surprise reunion with JULIAN INGRAM after hearing him sing at Valentango’s grand milonga in Portland earlier in February. Lucky for us, the renown teacher, DJ, musician, tango historian and singer of both tango and opera has returned to the US from Eastern Europe for a while. Julian is offering several days of his compelling and well prepared tango workshops for our extended community right here in Bellingham March 3 – 6. See classes and bio below!*

This month’s TangoLife theme brings to light our tango “tribe,” our addiction to love and respect, and our penchant to defend the dance we love so well. HAIR, our Tribal Tango Love-Rock Milonga, will be a flowery, colorful, bohemian, garden of delights for everyone to dress in their favorite 60’s counter-culture styles! Come revisit the Age of Aquarius, come Looking for Your Donna, and Let the Sun Shine In!

***Workshop schedule:

Saturday, March 3: Golden Age Explosion: Birth of an Era

(For dancers, DJ’s, and potential DJ’s alike! Get INSIDE the music!)

6:30-8 pm. Bell Tower Studio, 1430 N Garden St, Bellingham

Group dinner at a local restaurant after: TBA

Sunday, March 4: Modern Milonguero Treasures

5:30-6:30 pm. Prior to the Milonga–Majestic, 1027 N Forest, Bellingham

The following two classes replace our normally scheduled lesson/practica:

Tuesday, March 6: Body Awareness for Tango, (6:30-7:30)

Tuesday, March 6: Learning to unlock your natural musicality in Vals (7:30-8:30)

Tuesday, March 6: Open community practica, $5 entrada. (8:30-9:30)

Location: Bell Tower Studio, 1430 N Garden St, Bellingham

Class fees: One or two classes, $20 each. Three classes: $50 total. Four classes: $70 plus free practica. Pay at the door. US funds, please.

Private lessons by appointment: $85/hr. Saturday-Tuesday. Email rebzebb@msn.com


“Golden Age Explosion: Birth of an Era”

The Golden Age of tango meant an explosion of musical diversity, new sounds and the ever-changing ways of embodying tango. In this seminar, you will gain access to understanding not only these new sounds and changes, but also to the ways of unlocking your musicality in the dance through things like: how D’Arienzo changed both tango music history as well as the dance forever, to the complexity of Troilo or the smoothness of Fresedo. Being an informed dancer makes you a better dancer. Understanding the orchestras through dance is perhaps the best way to embrace their essence on the dance floor while also unlocking your musicality in the process.

Modern Milonguero Treasures What is a modern milonguero? It’s someone who utilizes all the secrets and tricks from their “tango arsenal” to create memorable dances no matter the dance floor. In Modern Milonguero Treasures you’ll learn those intimate secrets that will empower your dance. In this course we also discuss the intimate navigational tools perfect for dynamic movements in closed spaces. These movements fit to any orchestra’s style of tango. We will also work on making your embrace and connection deeper through this course, while still respecting the ronda. This course is open to ANY level tango dancer –so come and unlock your inner milonguero.

Body Awareness for Tango

This course is like a tango laboratory for your body! In it, we’ll dissect all the quirks and work out the kinks that keep you from feeling at ease in your dance. Believe it or not, there is a body awareness that relates specifically to tango. In this workshop you’ll learn that awareness, as well as how to make your movements feel more in control and enjoyable. We’ll even get up-close and personal with how disassociation, breathing, and a dynamic embrace all greatly affect our bodies every time we dance. This workshop will be more participatory in order to meet the specific and real needs of your individual dance –so come ready!

Vals Musicality: Learning to unlock your natural musicality in vals

Musicality: the elusive beast within tango. What is it? How do we cultivate it? What makes vals musicality so unique? This course is designed to help you find those answers. You will learn to create truly memorable valses, all while bringing out your musicality by default. We’ll go beyond the “1-2-3” of the vals rhythm by showing how to create new sensations of musicality –even from movements some of us may already know. We’ll also begin working on how to dance the differences between circular AND linear valses (yep…they’re different!). All levels are welcome to join, but we will increase the difficulty of the movements throughout the course.


Julian took his first tango steps nearly two decades ago. Since then, he’s built a career traveling the world as a renowned teacher, DJ, tango historian and tango singer. His passion in combining all these elements in fun and exciting ways for his students is a hallmark of his encouraging style. Julian’s understanding of body awareness for tango and how to maximize a dancer’s comfort on the social dance floor is what drives him. No “tango theory.” Real access to the mysteries of what it means to be a well-rounded tanguero. Just bringing out more of your tango, your way, through learning a healthy empowerment to the dance.

With a former career as a professional opera singer, Julian’s unique way of understanding how to access tango through the music shines in his teaching. As a musician, he’s learned to get to the essence of the “how” behind becoming more musical in tango. His passion for helping others develop their musicality is paramount. With his keen insight into the structure of music, he brings out his students’ natural ability; the nascent ability begging to come out. It’s his belief, as he says, that, “Every person has an innate musicality and musician inside themselves. Sometimes it just needs encouraging in order to more fully blossom.” Julian’s love for passing along this knowledge of musicality to his students is based on one of “learning how to learn” in order to achieve anything you wish on the dance floor.

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