TangoLife Milonga “Stone Soup”

Come melt in our pot of tango love and appreciation. Bring your favorite friends, and vegetables, to add to our communal soup! Then dance to your heart’s content to the insightful music of Anton Sukhanov from Seattle. 

We’d love your spice in our tango soup!


Rebecca’s TangoLife Milonga
“Stone Soup”
Bellingham, WA

Milonga 6:30 – 10:30 pm.
Entrada $12 / $6 college students
DJ Anton Sukhanov of Seattle
(Co-host of Seattle’s Tango Magic Festival)

Once upon a mythical milonga night the hostess cried, “These dancers love their tango so much that I could serve soup made of a stone and water and they would still come dance until they drop!” 

Hearing this, milongueros arrived in Bellingham from every tango village bearing onions, celery, zucchini, mushrooms, kale, turnips, carrots, etc,* and turned the stone and water into a hearty vegetable soup. All the villagers gave great thanks to each other for their contributions to the communal soup, and for being a meaningful part of their magical tango lives.
And they danced, and supped, until they dropped!
Please join us for a luscious fall evening of Anton’s inspiring music, comfortable embraces and comfort food. *Indeed, BRING ANY SOUP FRIENDLY VEGETABLE (if you like) worthy of nourishing your dearest friends. Our soup chefs will create an aromatic cauldron, ready to serve before announcement time. 
Then we’ll chase it down with pumpkin pie! 
(Any surplus veggies will be donated to the local Food Bank.)
Rebecca’s TangoLife Milonga
First Sunday of Every Month
Majestic Ballroom
1027 N Forest St, Bellingham, WA
An elegant gathering place, with a little pumpkin spice 
Featuring traditional tango music, in formal tandas
Cabeceo friendly, respectful line of dance, plus one mixer tanda
“Best milonga in the Pacific Northwest.”
Stay late– Sheraton 888-671-1011, Or GuestHouse Inn 360-671-9600
Questions to Rebecca Niemier: Rebzebb@msn.com, or 360-739-0685
Website: www.Tangolife.biz 
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Rebecca Niemier