TangoLife Snow Flake Milonga + CLASS WITH CARLOS AND MAUREEN

Rebecca’s TangoLife
**Snow Flake** Milonga
SUNDAY, December 2, 2018, 6:30-10:30 pm


Majestic Ballroom, 1027 N Forest St, Bellingham, WA
Entrada $15 ($20 CDN)/ $5 college students

Pre-Milonga Class: 5:15-6:30 pm:


TEAM TANGO: Adjusting navigation and dynamics for social dancing

Class: $25 US at the door. All levels.

Just as snow flakes are unique creations, so are each one of our tango dancing friends and accomplices. And perhaps some are indeed “flakes,” which we love just the same. Join us as we celebrate YOUR individuality, your inner lives, your outer lives, and particularly, your TangoLife! Bring your holiday spirit, your non-holiday spirit, your alternative spirit, your questioning spirit, and let’s prepare to send this year out into the vapors of wonderment. Because face it, it has been a year of mystery!

To keep us more joyfully tethered to a reality we LOVE, we have the honor of hosting Carlos and Maureen Urrego at TangoLife for the third time! As our current USA Tango Champions, you can be sure that their HEARTS and SOULS (and SKILLS!) are deep into tango. What is especially marvelous is that they are also excellent teachers, and compassionate people. In addition, Carlos’ DJ mastery is out of this world. Last time I called him “relentless.” He may melt a few snow flakes right onto our dance floor!

So come early to Bellingham to take the class, enjoy the dancing, the music, the food, the FAKE snow flake décor, and all your kindred and flaky spirits.

Rebecca’s TangoLife Milonga
First Sunday of Every Month

Majestic Ballroom, 1027 N Forest St, Bellingham, WA
An elegant Milonguero gathering place for the Pacific Northwest
Featuring traditional tango music, in formal tandas.
Cabeceo friendly, respectful line of dance, plus one mixer tanda
“Best milonga in the Pacific Northwest.” Since 2010.

Come early–http://www.bellingham.org/
Stay late– Sheraton 888-671-1011, Or GuestHouse Inn 360-671-9600
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