TangoLife SuperHero Milonga

Rebecca’s TangoLife Milonga
SuperHero Edition!
SUNDAY, October 7, 2018, 6:30-10:30 pm
Majestic Ballroom, 1027 N Forest St, Bellingham, WA
Entrada $15 ($20 CDN)/ $5 college students

Featuring DJ Marina Richter of Vancouver

“Holy October, Batman!” It seems the world could use a few good heroes, so come represent for one of your favorite people of outstanding character. Whether living or historical, Marvel or Disney, Wonder Woman or Lincoln, let’s generate some SuperHero tango hug therapy. Because, “You are more powerful than you believe.”

Dress in full regalia, or just write an influential name on our “Hello, my name is” stickers. Bonus points if you can tell us the character qualities you appreciate about your SuperHero crush!

DJ Marina Richter weaves a web of tandas that will Pow! Zip! and Zing! us through the evening. It’s a thrill to welcome Marina back to TangoLife!

Rebecca’s TangoLife Milonga
First Sunday of Every Month
An elegant SUPER-Milonguero gathering place for the Pacific Northwest
Featuring traditional tango music, in formal tandas
Cabeceo friendly, respectful line of dance, plus one mixer tanda
“Best milonga in the Pacific Northwest.” Since 2010.

Come early–http://www.bellingham.org/
Stay late– Sheraton 888-671-1011, Or GuestHouse Inn 360-671-9600
Questions to Rebecca Niemier: Rebzebb@msn.com, or 360-739-0685