Hi Rebecca,
Well, have you caught your breath yet?
The New Year’s Eve Masquerade bash was a stellar success.  Everyone was so impressed!  You already have established your reputation as the premier milonga hostess with the best decorations, food, music, and floorcraft, but this time you may have outdone yourself.  What a lot of coordination, so many moving parts!  And thankfully the tango gods parted the weather, no rain or snow that night.
Amidst all the glitz and hoopla, I thought it was particularly sweet that you honored your family, what a nice touch.
And when you polled the crowd, I thought it particularly amusing that many (men) wanted more sex!  Honesty is refreshing.
So here we go into the new year. Here’s wishing you more…uh, ecstatic tandas.
I never got a chance last evening at our Practica to tell you that we are NOT bored by review!  On the contrary, yours and David’s demos(especially the shaping)and discussion is helping us to refine and hopefully lock in the essential fundamentals both as lead and follow.  I am now more able to share my tango with less experienced others.  Which leads me to your teaching.  It has grown stronger more confidant and effective with all levels.  We look forward to every lesson.
Thanks so much.


Dear Rebecca,
Loved the first lesson. You are such an inspiration and an ideal teacher. You abound in a sense of patience, empathy, and genuine care for the success of your students, all vital characteristics for a model teacher.
I’m so stoked to be learning this style of dance, particularly for the way it compels that sense of mutual trust and soulful connectivity between partners. I love the silent communication that is felt rather than expressed.  To bond so intimately with a total stranger, even if only for a few moments, is an amazing concept, when you think about it.  What a wonderful way to make new acquaintances.
Can’t wait to progress!



Hi Rebecca,

Tonight’s lesson really worked for us.   I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why in no particular order.

First we picked a few steps and really broke them down into the components.  I understand the forward ocho, ocho cortado, and molinete  much better.  For me Wednesday nights are not for focusing on learning new steps.  I prefer staying with the basics and having you watch what we are doing and make suggestions / corrections.  It seems simple but for me being able to connect a variety of steps together is something I have been struggling with.  Typically I do an ocho, take a few forward steps, do a different step, move forward, etc.   A series of single maneuvers linked by forward movement.    I don’t feel like I am flowing.

I learn more by doing than watching.  Thursday’s class is different in that since there are more students and your attention is spread over a larger group.  Which is Ok.   I like the balance the smaller Wednesday class provides to really understand how the steps fit together.

Your list of nine “In Place” steps is where I will be focusing my practice time.   My goal is to feel comfortable dancing these steps in close embrace with a variety of partners at milongas.  Based on tonight’s lesson I think that is within reach.

We are enjoying tango.  Watching the couple before us dance it looked like they were taking their first lesson prior to joining the beginner group.  It reminded me that we took our first lesson with you around the end of September last year.  They are exactly where we were a year ago.

Thanks for your patience and don’t change a thing. I rambled a little but wanted you to know that tonight was very helpful.   Good job.



Hello Rebecca,
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your Milonga.  It was very kind of you to take the time to introduce yourself to us.
What made the evening exceptional was the music selection and the dance floor etiquette.
Unfortunately, we had a very early Monday morning meeting with a customer and had to leave too soon.
We look forward to planning our next trip to Bellingham around your Milonga.
With kindest regards,
B.T. and J.T

Dear Rebecca,

I have to tell you again. Your Milonga is the by far best Milonga I have attended in this area on the West Coast. From the set up, the food, the hall, the entire ambiance……… it is always a gift for body and soul. Thank you so much for providing it to us and give us an unforgettable tango evening. Your hands hold love…..A.S.

The spirit of our tango community:

Each of our dancing friends are dear to our hearts. Here is a story about one who helped shape TangoLife Milonga. A memorial chair sits at the entrance to TangoLife Milonga for Don Offill

Don’s Remembrance–

Subject: Condolences

Hi Mary,

Rebecca hosted a beautiful remembrance at TangoLife for Don.  She reflected on the loss of one of our own through Don, and the reminder it gives us of the value of community.  Candles were lit on each table, and we could sign a chair in memory of Don. The Waterfall dance followed, and it was a true representation of the joy and responsibility of community.   I took some time to sit in the lovely, private bridal lounge and reflect on what I wanted to write for Don. A friend joined me who also had spent time with Don at the Portland Valentango and we shared our memory of him.  His spirit was felt lightly and joyfully as I decided on my words and remembered our lovely tandas in that space.

 What can I write on a chair that represents Don?  I did my best, and want to say to you – he loved tango, he loved Portland, but best of all, he loved you. I am so happy he had you in his life. (So was he).  I look forward to crossing paths again:)

Take care,   Anne